Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Today we are feeling a bit like a meteorologist must feel when he makes a prediction for rain that doesn't pan out... what we thought would surely be the best week for picking berries has changed... just a bit. The cooler weather we've seen these past couple of days has slowed down the ripening process of the raspberries. This, along with high traffic has made the berries much less plentiful than we'd hoped. So.. we have decided to change our hours for the summer red raspberry season to an every-other day schedule, which will allow for more berries on "picking days" and a more enjoyable picking experience.  This is not necessarily a change we see lasting into next year; however, with the highly unusual weather we've seen this year our fruit crops are far from typical. Originally we did not see frost damage in the summer raspberries, but now as we look into the ripening fields we've noticed a less bountiful crop-- likely due to frost damage to the young leaves that shoot out in early spring,
shoots that eventually carry flowers which turn into fruit.

So... all that said, we thank you for your continued support and ask for your patience and understanding throughout the rest of our fruit season. We do our best to predict what the fruit will do, but it's not always an easy thing to do.  Picking conditions can change quickly, so calling ahead before you get in the car is your best bet!

Here's the schedule for the upcoming week --
OPEN: Thursday, June 28 & Saturday, June 30 (8 am - 7 pm unless we pick out sooner)
             Monday, Wed., Friday & Saturday, July 2, 4, 6 & 7 (8 am - 7 pm unless we pick out sooner)
CLOSED: Wednesday, June 27 & Friday, June 29 - Tuesday & Thursday, July 1 & 3

We are also picking red currants now if you are interested in those!

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